It can be quite difficult to find a perfect birthday gift for your loved one.

Two years ago, for Jordy’s birthday, I was looking for a personal gift that he would be able to use for a long time.

Since Jordy loves forests, and can spend time outdoors any day no matter the weather, it seemed perfect to find a useful object made out of wood.

Femme Wood watch

Finding the perfect birthday gift for Jordy

Jordy had a metal watch which he often wore. After having it for a long time, it had become covered in scratches.

Searching online for awhile, I found several wooden watches. Most were sold by large department stores, but we prefer to support smaller business and I chose to look further.

We like to read about the story behind a brand and their products, and ask questions to the team if we have any, rather than contacting the customer service of a large company.

About WoodWatch

In my search I quickly found WoodWatch, a Dutch brand that – as their name suggests – creates handmade wooden watches.

3 watches from woodwatch

Just like us, they greatly value the environment and support Trees For All by helping them plant trees in the Philippines.

The WoodWatch website offers a number of different watches. I opted for the CORE collection, which gave me the option to design a watch myself.

They offer four different types of wood in the design section: maple, zebra, red- and green sandalwood. I opted for zebrawood as it was quite unique. To be honest, it was quite difficult to choose a colour as they all appealed to me.

At the time we did not focus on vegan products as we do now, so I decided to add an additional leather strap so Jordy could switch between straps from time to time.

I can’t remember them being available two years ago, but there’s now the option to choose nylon straps as well.

The CORE collection comes in two sizes, and I opted for the 45mm diameter as I prefer the look of bulkier watches on men.


A gift from WoodWatch

Earlier this year we talked to the WoodWatch team and were kindly sent two watches to share in pictures on our social media. Jordy chose the Men’s CORE Ebony and I went for the Femme Maple Wood with a rose gold trim.

My watch is a little more light and elegant, which I like since I am not that tall and my wrists are quite slim. Jordy’s watch is bulky and dark. We both like the look of each other’s watches when wearing them, especially the strong contrast in color!

Our dark and light wood watches on our wrists

The watches are beautiful. Some products we buy online can turn out a little less impressive in real live as compared to the pictures you saw online, but these watches are just gorgeous.

It is also great to see how the WoodWatch teem keep expanding their collection. When I bought Jordy’s first watch, the collection was still quite limited. Choosing our second pair of watches a little over a year later, we already had much more to choose from. Scrolling through their website while we write this review, we saw two new ranges added to the list.


Quality of the watches

They are extremely lightweight, so they are perfect for everyday wear. We both chose colours that would suit most items of clothing so they would be suitable for any outfit.

maple woodwatch outside

Although we expected the corners of each wooden piece to be a bit sharp and pointy, these watches are very comfortable to wear. Being lightweight also adds to the comfort.

The glass that covers the watch is still intact and undamaged on all three watches, so they are very sturdy and can withstand a lot.

The wood does have some dents and scratches here and there. Personally we don’t mind this, as it adds to the natural feel and it doesn’t show as much as it would on a metal watch.

We really love the look of wooden watches as they are a bit more unique. Most people have metal watches and these really stand out.

Lastly, a small downside if the watches is the fact that they are not waterproof. It’s fine with a few drops of water, but if you’re often outside, you’re bound to be walking through heavy rain from time to time.

If you live in a country with heavy rainfall, it’s important to remember to leave your watch at home or check the weather forecast before wearing it on a hike!

Black woodwatch in the snow



The watches are sent in a small cardboard box, without any plastic packaging except for a plastic layer to protect the metal and glass from scratching during transportation.

They come assembled, with small wooden links that can be removed, or even an extra that can be added to increase the length of the strap if need be.

When we first ordered Jordy’s watch, the assembly was a bit different than it is for our new watches. If I remember correctly, it included a screw mechanism, but now it’s a click and push system.

The screw mechanism was ideal but a bit fidgety, and one screw came broken. We were quickly sent a new screw after sending an email, so the customer service was great!

watch clasp with accent

The click system somehow didn’t work for either of the new watches. Each section of the wooden strap is connected to the following section with a metal pin. This pin has to be inserted into a small secondary pin.

At first I thought it didn’t work because I wasn’t strong enough, or that I didn’t like the fact that it as such a fidgety job and got too frustrated to focus. But it didn’t work for Jordy either, and the tool that comes with it bent down as we tried to fix the watch.

We sent the watches over to WoodWatch and they sized them for us, so that was the perfect solution for us.

Recently, WoodWatch have switched this assembly back to the previous method as it became clear that this worked much better. 

I bet the WoodWatch team would even fix the watch to fit your wrist before shipping it over, if you kindly send them a message with your order.

Inside of woodwatch


Perfect gift for anyone’s birthday

These watches are amazing, we think they’d make the perfect gift for a birthday or any other occasion. If you’re located in Europe and order now, they might even arrive in time for Christmas!

We highly recommend WoodWatch, not just for their watches but also for their work with Trees For All and their great customer service after you’ve bought the watch.





Fit and comfort




Weather proof





  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Made from more sustainable materials
  • Customer service
  • Durable
  • Unique!


  • Not waterproof
  • Adjustment of strap quite fidgety

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