Prey model raw diet for dogs

Although we don’t eat meat and barely consume dairy, Mojo is fed a completely different diet. The reasoning behind this is quite simple: dogs are facultative carnivores. They can adjust to eating plant material but their bodies are equipped for a meat based diet. Each species is different and although Mojo is a member of our family, she is not a human and her needs differ from ours. Now although fruit and vegetables are very healthy for humans, not every species of animal has to consume them in order to live in optimum health. Dogs have a very short digestive…

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Recipe: Golden paste (turmeric paste)

Let's talk about turmeric. In its pure form, it looks just like his small cousin ginger, but with dark yellow flesh. Supermarkets however, usually stock it as a bright yellow ground spice. Turmeric contains compounds called curcuminoids. Researchers have scientifically studied one of them - curcumin - for years. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound; a powerful antioxidant; fights degenerative processes in our brains; and it helps people that suffer from heart disease. It is quite literally, a superfood. The amount of curcumin in turmeric is however quite low. So in order to help your body absorb all the goodness turmeric has to offer…

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9 things to keep in mind when you go hiking with your dog

Hiking is one of our favourite hobbies. When Jordy moved to Germany he went on 4 hour hikes twice a week, on his own or with some friends of his. And although hiking is great on your own, it’s best with a four-legged friend! We take Mojo on one-hour walks twice a day on average, but once a week we go hiking for four hours or so. When we visited Jordy in Germany we went hiking two days in a row, and Mojo enjoyed it so much. I have found that going on a hike involves a bit more planning…

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Why we are vegetarian

Many people would probably consider it odd that we are vegetarians while feeding our dog a raw diet that solely consists of animal material. Although we have our reasons to do so, from time to time, we also think it’s a bit of a contradicting choice. It would probably make more sense for us to not own a dog. Mojo was however already in our lives before we switched to a vegetarian diet. And to be totally honest, Marijke would not have been able to live without a dog in her life. We do not see a future without a…

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Recipe: bone broth for your dog

Bone broth is a very healthy supplement. It is not only good for dogs, but it is also beneficial for our own health (for those of us that don’t live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, that is). Making your own bone broth takes some patience, but it’s well-worth it in the end. People often add numerous herbs and vegetables to their bone broth, but the simple recipe we share below is already enough. Bone broth helps detox the liver, acts as a joint supplement, and acts as a digestive aid. Bone broth really has a wide range of benefits. It’s…

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