When we first started our blog, we had no idea about the communities surrounding the blogging lifestyle. We recently joined some groups on Facebook to find out more, and were introduced to the Blogger Recognition Award. This is an award aimed at motivating bloggers to write more, and basically, to keep doing what they are doing. We are excited to say that earlier this week, we were nominated for this award by Morgan at Brains&Bodies.

Brains&Bodies is a blog about health and well-being, in which Morgan focuses on raising awareness about disabilities that may not be visible to the human eye. She talks about well-being and mental health, and she’s in University just like we were a short while ago.

We are so thankful for being nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award just a few days after sharing our blog with the world. As part of this nomination, we sat down to write this post, including some information of the origin of this blog, our 2 most important tips for new bloggers, and of course a list of our 15 nominees.


Why we started blogging

We are a twenty-something year old couple that plan to live their life in a van with their dog. Although the both of us have an MSc degree, we don’t have a job in this direction, and we won’t be able to whilst we are traveling.

We started this blog hoping to share our knowledge and inspire people to change their lifestyle for the better.

We had no experience writing these types of articles, that are fun and easy to read, so it was quite a challenge to get started. A few weeks in, we’re enjoying it and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Currently we both work a fulltime job and spend our spare time writing, taking photo’s, exploring the outdoors with our dog Mojo, and creating videos for our YouTube channel.

Work setup used to write our blog


Our 2 top tips for new bloggers

1. Do more of what makes you happy

The most important thing we try to focus on, is writing about what we love and what we are knowledgeable on, not about what others want us to talk about. Yes, it is important to create content that people are looking for, but if it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it.

Your blog is for you, it has to add positivity to your life. Readers will find you, and will love your blog more if they see how passionate you are about writing as they explore your website.


2. Create evergreen content

Although we just started blogging, we realize that it is important to increase the traffic on our website. One thing of massive importance is to differentiate between two types of content, as we learnt from listening to podcasts listed on ProBlogger.

Some hot topics are great to write about and might drive a lot of traffic to your site for a short period of time, perhaps even going viral. Other topics might not spark such a boost, but will be searched for time and time again. These topics are called ‘evergreen content’.

We focus on writing about stuff we love, as we mentioned in our first tip, but we make sure that a good part of what we write answers a question. Posts like these will still be helpful in one or two years’ time, or even for longer. These posts can actually increase in daily traffic over time, when your blog’s status in search engines improves!


Our nominees

1. Alfie Bear

We have been following Emma and Alfie for a while on instagram, and they were actually the first dog-related blog Marijke visited on a regular basis. We love the clean look of this website, and are always excited for the next travel blog post they share. Alfie is a handsome dog who can perform a number of impressive tricks, and his showreel video is very creative.


2. Halifax Dogventures

A woman and her dog exploring the dog-friendly areas of Nova Scotia. This blog inspires us because of the many hikes and adventures this team does on a regular basis. And it includes a fit, older Labrador Retriever, what more could we ask for?


3. The Zero Waste Memoirs

Since we like to live sustainably, we’ve gradually made some changes in our lives. One of these changes is limiting our waste production. We’ve hence been reading blogs about the Zero Waste lifestyle and Lauren’s blog fits in perfectly. We love the clean look of this blog, and her writing style is great.


4. Trash is for Tossers

This blog, again, we love due to the fact that it focuses on a Zero Waste lifestyle. Additionally, it’s interesting to read what another student of Environmental Studies has to say. She inspires us to live a more sustainable life, and her simple tips are very helpful for us to take further steps in the right direction.


5. Moral Fibres

Yet another blog focused on sustainability in our 15 nominees. We love the way this blog is organized, and it really shows how easy and affordable a sustainable life can be. The writer also graduated from university, something that we obviously appreciate!


6. Dynamo Ultima

We are planning to live in a van full time, and during our research, this blog really stood out to us. The use of colours on this website is amazing, and made us want to see more. Their background in photography inspires Marijke to improve her skills and learn more about the subject.


7. A girl and Her Van

The slogan on the front page of this blog says it all. We were introduced to this blog via their YouTube channel, and feel like we’re in the same boat as she was prior to starting her van life. She writes about waiting for life to finally begin, and shows that you’re the only one that’s holding you back from doing what you want.


8. The Vanual

Although not technically a blog this is the first website we read completely when we first started considering preparing for vanlife. It was a great eye-opener to the work that would have to be done on the van, and I encourage anyone that wants to live in a van to read this blog and others alike.


9. Living Pretty Naturally

We had seen many beauty blogs prior to thinking about blogging ourselves, but it’s quite unique to find one that focused on natural cosmetics, eco-friendly beauty hacks, and et cetera. This blog has it all, and we had to giggle at how research gave her quite some ‘holy Sh#*!’ realizations. We often have those ourselves!


10. This Savory Vegan

Before we started our vegetarian diet, we were unsure about what it would bring us, and how difficult it would be. Rene shares a similar experience with going vegan and states it completely transformed her diet and opened her up to a new way of living. That’s exactly how we feel about our transition, and we love reading about this subject! Her photography is very nice and clean, so the look and feel of this blog really appeal to us.


11. Rise Shine Cook

Ashley Madden was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which made her determined to take responsibility for her own health. She educated herself and changed her diet, and is passionate about the relation between diet and health. If this is not inspiring, I don’t know what is.


12. Minimalist Baker

Simple recipes, who doesn’t love them? Dana and John share recipes with 10 ingredients or less, and hope to inspire people to include more plants in their diets. Dana’s photography skills are amazing and her love for cooking is definitely visible throughout the blog.


13. This Organic Girl

Lisa had a sudden realisation about how everything we use in life is filled with chemicals. She switched all her products to organic alternatives within a very short period of time, just like we did. She is passionate about making a change and inspires her readers to join her in discovering what the world has to offer.


14. Radius & Ulna

We have been following Simon and Cécile on instagram for quite some time now. We love their passion for cooking, and we’re impressed at how they can create such amazing dishes whilst living in their VW van. The design of the cabinets and closet in their van is very unique, and we hope to come up with something similarly creative for our own home on wheels.


15. The Van Cave Project

Last but definitely not least, we nominate another van life blog. Saz and Ash are experienced travelers that want to help assist others in building their very own off-grid camper van. They inspire us to learn what we do and do not need in life, in order to fill our home on wheels with objects we need, and nothing more. We love their ‘How to’ posts, and will definitely be using them when we start our conversion!


To our nominees

We encourage you to write a post about this award and their nomination, including some information about the people that nominated them (in this case us but perhaps you were nominated by someone else already). They have to pick 15 people to nominate, and share the link to the finished blog post in a comment under one of their nominees’ recent posts.

If you also want to promote bloggers to keep writing, feel free to save this pin!

Blogger recognition award pin

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  1. Thanks for taking part was an interesting read! I love how you have wrote a little section on each of your nominees . Your layout is lovely and I didn’t strike me as a new blog! Good luck , Morgan xx

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