Welcome to our blog! We are a young family, consisting of Jordy (25), Marijke (23), and our happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Mojo (2). As you have probably seen, our site is named after our little four legged friend.  The three of us currently still live in a dorm room in Wageningen, and we both just finished our master at Wageningen University here in the Netherlands.


Now what?

Mojo our Black Staffordshire Bull Terrier sitting on an agricultural road

The first few days after graduation we were obviously very happy to have finally gotten our degree that we worked so hard for all those years. But then it sunk in… now what?

After graduation, you basically have to start from scratch. Often, you’re jobless with a high student loan which can be quite scary.. At this point you have to decide what you want to do for the next few years of your life and possibly even start building your professional career. Jordy, for example, now has to decide whether or not to start a PhD. This would basically boil down to another 3 or 4 years of learning and hard work, and he’d be close to the age of thirty at the end of this stage.

From people around us, we often hear that when they retire, they finally have the chance to travel and see more of the world. This made us think: why would we wait with doing what makes us happy? We are healthy now, who knows what our situation will be in 40 somewhat years? Or whether we’ll still be alive?

So why would we wait to plan our dreams to travel and see the world? We are now in good condition to take on each challenge and adventure during our travels. There are practical aspects as well. We do not have children – well, Mojo could be considered our kid but she would happily join us – we do not own a house with a high mortgage, and we do not have the obstacle of leaving our settled job or anything of the like.

This all resulted in the goal to move out of our student home and live in a DIY campervan within one year and proceed to travel the world.

Here on this blog, we would like to share our journey. We’ll talk about our steps towards getting our van and converting it into a campervan that we can call home for an extended period of time. Once that’s finished, we plan to document our journey traveling the world.

Besides our love for traveling we both like to live a healthy and sustainable live. On this blog, we plan to share our experiences and knowledge gained on these matters by providing you with useful tips, our favourite recipes, educational posts, and et cetera.

We also want our little dog Mojo to live a healthy happy life – as all of your dogs should do, too! Marijke has graduated in Animal Adaptation and Behavioural Biology, and is specialized in dog behaviour and nutrition. Currently, her main interests lie in exercise and species appropriate nutrition for our four-legged friends and she would love to share here knowledge with the world.

Additionally, Marijke has practiced hobby photography for years, so all posts and pages on this blog will be accompanied by an array of pictures. Occasionally, we will link to our YouTube channel to share some educational or fun videos, as well as travel vlogs!

The three of us hope you like our blog and the content we will provide over the coming years!

Jordy, Marijke and Mojo sitting in the floodplains

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