Welcome to our blog! We are a young family, consisting of Jordy (25), Marijke (23), and our happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Mojo (2). As you have probably seen, our site is named after our little four legged friend.  The three of us currently still live in a dorm room in Wageningen, and we both just finished our master at Wageningen University here in the Netherlands.   Now what? The first few days after graduation we were obviously very happy to have finally gotten our degree that we worked so hard for all those years. But then it sunk in……

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10 ways to save money whilst living a sustainable and healthy life

As you might have read on our about page, we recently graduated from university. Since we are trying to save money to buy a van to convert into our home on wheels, we decided it was time to make some changes in our spending habits. We knew it would be clever to combine saving money by decreasing our expenses whilst living a more healthy and sustainable life. Hopefully, the tips we share below will inspire you to make some positive changes yourself. Even ticking off just one subject on this list is a step in the right direction! Are there…

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