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We converted a rusty construction van into a cozy home on wheels. If you would like to know more about how we’ve done so….

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10 things to bring when traveling with a dog

The world is better when traveled with a dog. No matter where the road takes you, traveling with your four-legged friend is so much more fun. We are currently traveling through Europe in our self built campervan. Our dogs Mojo and Venus join us every step of the way. Though your way of traveling with a dog might be different, there are some things everybody should take along. Here, we…

The campervan boom of Sweden: finding a parking spot in Gothenburg

Our ferry arrived in Sweden at around 2 AM Monday morning. After such a long day, we didn’t have the energy to drive through Gothenburg to find a parking spot. During the ferry ride we luckily had ample time to look up the address for a free camper spot nearby. We found a great spot near a lake just outside of Gothenburg, parked our home and went to sleep. Before…

5 places you must visit on the island Fur

The hidden treasure of Denmark, as the Danish call it. If you are looking for places to visit in Denmark, the island of Fur should definitely be at the top of your list! Do not dismiss the island of Fur for its size! When we were planning our vanlife trip through Europe, we were curious to find out what to do in Denmark. When we heard about the island of…

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