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Top five vegan restaurants gothenburg

Gael Greene once said:  Great food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want. Who doesn’t want either of that?! Today we’ll just focus on food though. Delicious food that we found at vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Gothenburg, Sweden, to be precise. During our stay in Gothenburg, we’ve had the pleasure to eat at a few great vegan restaurants, food trucks and a kind of…

5 must have zero waste items for your campervan

Whilst converting our campervan, we started our journey towards a zero waste lifestyle. This means that we had to make choices regarding which stuff we’d bring along on our travels. In particular since we now have quite limited storage space to bring just about anything with us. Today, we’d like to share with you 5 zero waste items that we think every vanlifer should have in their campervan. Of course,…

10 things to bring when traveling with a dog

The world is better when traveled with a dog. No matter where the road takes you, traveling with your four-legged friend is so much more fun. We are currently traveling through Europe in our self built campervan. Our dogs Mojo and Venus join us every step of the way. Though your way of traveling with a dog might be different, there are some things everybody should take along. Here, we…

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