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Don’t be shy now, you’ve come to the right place! Just hear us out before you leave.

We are Jordy and Marijke, a young couple from the Netherlands, and together with our two dogs, Mojo and Venus, we travel through Europe in our self-built campervan.

We both earned our master’s degree not too long ago, but instead of settling down we chose to take a different path. One full of adventure, but also many mishaps and uncertainties. We’d like to discover all that our planet has to offer first hand!

Everyone is in a rush these days. Always hurrying to the next big thing. Be it a promotion at work, or the next sight to see. We rather take it slow and enjoy every part of the way! And of course there is a new term for this; we like slow travel!

Besides our immersive and fun travel stories and tips, we also tend to write a bit about our four-legged friends; about our transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle and how but mostly why you should do so too; and we tend to share some vegan recipes every now and then.

Ok, if you’re still not convinced on hanging around, please do so anyway. It’s free, so why wouldn’t you tag along?


In the spirit of #plasticfreejuly, we’d like to share with you a new and inspiring series of blog posts all about zero waste living.

During this series we plan to share a weekly story written by an inpsiring blogger and/or instagrammer who will talk all about their zerowaste journey.

Be sure to check it out each week and feel free to share it with anyone whom you think will be interested.  It might help them start their journey! One step at a time we’ll move towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a cleaner planet – together.

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Discover the world through immersive stories

Sustainable Living

Live green and simple

Series: Zero Waste Stories

Get to know other zero wasters

Alternative Living

Learn how other people life in this crazy world of ours

Campervan Conversion

Build your own campervan


Discover deliciously healthy food


Gain knowledge about your four-legged friend

Follow our journey through photos!

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